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पहिली ते दहावी संपूर्ण अभ्यास

पहिली ते दहावी संपूर्ण अभ्यास
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शनिवार, २७ मार्च, २०२१

Discriptive notes Class 3rd English


1.listen and do/act. 

2 .Listen and classify 

3. Follow instructions, commands and requests neatly

4. Listen and sequence the events very silently. 

5. Listen and repeat as per model very well. 

6. Listen and identify the pictures very well.

7. Listen and leam new words/phrases . 

8. Listen to rhymes / songs .poems and follow the beat 

9. Listen and say 

10. Listen and note the characteristics of spoken 

11. Follow the chain of instructions very well. 

12. Listen to material with the help of audio and video devices 

13 Listen and guess the contextual meaning 

14. Repeat words and phrases as per model. 

15. Answer questions in appropriate words, phrases sentences. 

16. Interact among themselves. 

17. Speak about a given topic for a given duration 

18. Express needs,demands.

 19. Speak about themselves / their surroundings / relatives / family / hobbies, etc. 

20. Narrate a story with pictures I key words with verbal guideline, on their own. 21. Participate in conversation 22. Answer questions in detail

 23. Use appropriate body language while speaking very well.

 24. Make enquiries and requests.

 25. Give directions. 

26. Narrate a sequence of events. 

27. Use telephone, mobile.

28.Always get ready to read and write English:


29. Read few groups of words.

 30. Read words, phrases and short sentences 

31. Read a calendar 

32. Identify, match and read some letters of the alphabet very well.

 33. Read with proper punctuations. 

34. Read group of words, short sentences, paragraphs songs I poem, textual material with proper pace; stress and intonation. 

35. Read and understand from the surrounding 

36. Read and arrange words in alphabetical order. 

37. Read and understand handwritten material 

38. Read and understand both full and contracted forms

 39. Get used to left to right progression in writing 

40. Read and understand maps, calendars, various time tables. 

41. Read from authentic material according to their level very well.. 

42. Draw shapes and figures within the given space 

43. Trace and copy some letters of the alphabet. 

44. Copy different shapes in proper direction

 45. Write names of their own choice. 

46. Write in four lines.

 47. Write neatly and legibly

 48. Write capital and small letters. 

49. Write simple names 

50. Copy given text. 

51. Listen and write words. 

52. Punctuate sentences and paragraphs.

 53. Write letters, words and sentences with proper spacing.

54.Make words from given letters. 

55. Listen to words/phrases/sentences and write them down. 

56. Construct sentences to make passage. 

57. Write on a single line. 

58. Complete words and sentences meaningfully 

59. Complete known stories, 60. Write Words about immediate surrounding

 61. Write the time appropriately 

62. Re-construct a jumbled story / events. 

63. Answer questions.

 64, Write numbers in figures as well as words. 

Obstacle / Negative observations 

1. He talk with impurity words. 2. He can't talk with good rhythm. 

3. He use wrong speech while conversation. 

4. He use wrong words while elders respects. 

5. He can't tell his needs in correct words 

6. He tells answer of questions with wrong method 

7. He can't tell reasons of correct language.

8. He do not listen anyone 9. He do mistakes in writing. 10. He describe points, but can't write it. 

11. He can't expression his emotions. 

12. He pronounce words, sentences with wrong method. 13. He can't complete lines of poem. 

14. He don't listen stories carefully 

15. He can't understanding meaning af instructions. 

16. He don't follow the instructions. 

17. He stumble in reading sentences. 

18. He tell wrong meaning of sentences. 

19. He tell suggested part in wrong method.

20.He can't make questions. 21. He can't do act as suggested. 

22. He can't describe pictures. 23. He can't sing poem with acting. 

24. He makes mistakes in listening. 

25. He makes mistakes in listening 

26. He don't read sentences properly 

27. He tells wrong word for suggested words.

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