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पहिली ते दहावी संपूर्ण अभ्यास

पहिली ते दहावी संपूर्ण अभ्यास
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रविवार, १६ जानेवारी, २०२२

सातवी गणित सेमी वर्णनात्मक नोंदी


➨ He/ She draw different geometrical shapes.

➨ He/ She draws geometrical shapes and labels it.

➨ He/ She explains how numbers are created.

➨ He/ She says the given table in easy way.

➨ He/ She solves the given examples properly.

➨ He/ She sees examples & tells its correct steps.

➨ He/ She creates the tables by own multiplication.

➨ He/ She write down different numbers.

➨ He/ She solve mathematical home work.

➨ He/ She tell correctly names of geometrical figure.

➨ He/ She tells geometrical shapes

➨ He/ She decide correct sequence numbers.

➨ He/ She does comparison between numbers.

➨ He/ She does action on numbers quickly.

➨ He/ She tell place value and price of each digit.

➨ He/ She does correct mathematical activities.

➨ He/ She completes the given work in proper way.

➨ He/ She gives correct answer orally.

➨ He/ She tells different mathematical concepts.

➨ He/ She draw appropriate mathematical diagrams.

➨ He/ She writes numbers correctly and quickly.

➨ He/ She prepares correct examples by his own.

➨ He/ She recheck the examples after solving.

➨ He/ She solve mathematical hw by own style.

➨ He/ She  tells benefits of math's in day to day life.

➨ He/ She knows the importance of math's.

➨ He/ She helps others while solving the examples.

➨ He/ She quickly do mathematical activities.

➨ He/ She likes math's subject very much.

➨ He/ She do squares of numbers by own.

➨ He/ She solve the modal question papers.

➨ He/ She recites mathematical formula.

➨ He/ She use mathematical formula while solving.

➨ He/ She check and correct the examples.

➨ He/ She prepare examples and solve by own.

➨ He/ She complete workbooks in time.

➨ He/ She completes workbooks without help.

➨ He/ She participates in comparative exams.

➨ He/ She completes the given work quickly.

➨ He/ She draw correct mathematical diagrams.

➨ He/ She easily do mathematical activities.

➨ He/ She prepare table with his own.

➨ He/ She can prepare examples by own

➨ He/ She do home work regularly.

➨ He/ She solves examples. Sequencly.

➨ He/ She complete all action correctly & fast.

➨ He/ She  do all mathematical actions fast.

➨ He/ She plains mathematical concepts.

➨ He/ She solves quickly the oral problems.

➨ He/ She recites table correctly.

➨ He/ She draws the geometrical figures.

➨ He/ She solves the given examples in unit test.

➨ He/ She uses the Graph book properly.

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