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पहिली ते दहावी संपूर्ण अभ्यास

पहिली ते दहावी संपूर्ण अभ्यास
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सोमवार, ६ डिसेंबर, २०२१

Letter writing-2 पत्रलेखन ,Business letter


 व्यावसायिक पत्राची मांडणी - १) पत्ता (Address) घरगुती पत्राप्रमाणेच पत्र लिहिणारा आपला पत्ता पत्राच्या वरच्या उजव्या कोपऱ्यात लिहितो. २) दिनांक (Date) पत्र लिहिणाऱ्याच्या पत्राच्या खाली लिहावी. ३) पत्र पाठविणाऱ्याचे नांव व पत्ता (Reciver's Name and Address) • ज्याला पत्र लिहावयाचे आहे त्या अधिकाऱ्याचे नांव किंवा हुद्दा आणि संस्थेचा पूर्ण पत्ता तारखेच्या पुढच्या ओळीपासून डाव्या बाजूस लिहावा, उदा. Dear Father, Dear Raju, My dear Brother. ४) विषय (Subject) - यानंतरच्या ओळीवर पत्राचा मुख्य विषय थोडक्यात लिहावा. ५) अभिवादन (Salutation) व्यावसायिक पत्रात 'Sir' या नावाने Salutation करण्याची पध्दत आहे. ६) Subcription व्यावसायीक पत्रात साधारणपणे 'Yours Faithfully असे लिहिण्याची पध्दत आहे.

व्यवसायीक पत्रांचे काही नमुने

 १) मुलगा आजारी असल्यामुळे वडिलांचे वर्गशिक्षकांना पत्र. 

Borkar Ramesh, 

'12', 'Anupam'. 

Nehru Road,


 Mumbai 4 th August 2013 

The Class-teacher Std. - 8 th A, 

Mamata Hight School, Dadar. 


 My son, Shubham Borkar, Roll No. 36, Studing in your class, has been ill since 2nd August. Our family doctor advised him complete rest for a week. I therefore, request you to grant him 8 days leave of absence i. e. from 5nd to 9 th August.         

               Thanking you Yours      Faithfully, Ramesh

२) पार्सल रेल्वेमध्ये हरवल्याबद्दल स्टेशन मास्तरला पत्र. 

Kadam Sandip '19', 'Mayur', Bhagat nagar, Kolhapur, To, 12 th April 2021

 The Station Master, Ahmednagar Railway Station, Ahmednagar.



    I was traveling from Mumbai to Ahmednagar by Maharashtra Express on 10 th April. I was travelling in complet No. 63109. In my hurry to get off at Ahmednagar. I left a parcel. In case the parcel has been brought to you, kindly contact me at the about address. Please help me in this matter.

               Yours Faithfully, 


3) You had gone to the vegetable market on a bicycle. You lost your bicycle there write a letter of complaint to the local police Inspector.


 Shivaji Chowk, 

Near Bus Stand,

 Pune-411005 Date: 25/7/2021


 The Police Inspector,

 Police Station, 

Ausa Road, Pune - 411005 

Sub: Complaint about a bicycle. 

    Respected Sir, 

     Yesterday was the market day. I had gone to the market on my bicycle. The market place was too much croweded, so I had kept my bicycle near a cycle stand. There were many other bicycles. When 1 returned from the market I found it was lost. It's of Hero cycle Company and model number is 2435. it is red and black having Carrier at the front. I live far away from the school and I need it very much. Please, do the needful in this matter. I'll be very thankful to you if you take necessary action in this case. 

              Thanking you, Yours     faithfully. XYZ

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