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पहिली ते दहावी संपूर्ण अभ्यास

पहिली ते दहावी संपूर्ण अभ्यास
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बुधवार, २६ मे, २०२१

Union is strength - एकीचे बळ

 Union is Strength- एकीचे बळ 

              Once there lived an old farmer in a village. He had three sons. They always quarreled among them off and on to mend their ways, but it was of no use.He gave a bundle of sticks to break. They could not break the bundle of stick.then he advised them that If you are di vided. you will soon be rained. If you are united. You willbe mighty and strong.

Moral :- united we stand, divided we fall.

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