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पहिली ते दहावी संपूर्ण अभ्यास

पहिली ते दहावी संपूर्ण अभ्यास
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बुधवार, २६ मे, २०२१

My father

                  MY FATHER 


                  My father shri  G. J.Agrawal He is very famous doctor of our city. • He is 45 years of age and is very tall and handsome. • He gets up early takes his bath. He goes to temple every day. • He is very generous. He charges less from the poor. • He is very regular and puntual. He is fond of good books. • He can play cricket. His hobby is gardening. • He goes in the garden very early. He keeps it neat. He is a loving father. He takes us for walks. He takes interest in our studies • He is really great in everyway. I am proud of him. 

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