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पहिली ते दहावी संपूर्ण अभ्यास

पहिली ते दहावी संपूर्ण अभ्यास
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शुक्रवार, २१ मे, २०२१

वर्णनात्मक नोंदी, दुसरी, इंग्रजी


 Write neatly and properly

 1. Make spelling of various things

 2.Describe conversion in the story

 3. Give a simple instruction

 4.Demonstrate short exchange

6. Show object picture and say the word aloud

 7. Present nursery rhymes prayers action song

 8.He frames meaningful sentence in English o his own

 9. He translate the sentence from English to his mother tongue

 10. He translate the sentence from his mother

 11.Encourage learner while writing

  12. He frame simple question in English

  13. Help learner at initial stage at writing

 14. Demonstrate how to hold a pencil properly

  15.Give learner opportunity to observe of words

 16. Give learner opportunity to groups of words

  17.Organize simple conversational activities for Practice

 18. Present model of simple question and answer tongue in English

 19. Ask learner to draw shapes figures with the given space

 20. Demonstrate short conversion

 21. Narrates simple and short fables with the help of audio, video and aids

 22. Participant in conversation

 23. Answer properly for every question

 24. Try to develop hand writing

 25. Demonstrate short exchange

 26. Provides practice in matching letter in alphabet

  27. He pick outs rhyming word from poem

  28.Sing rhymes in tone 

 29. Make different message

30.He describe his imagination

 31. He prepare invitation cards and greeting cards

32. Provide opportunity to listen rhythm of rhymes

 33. Encourage learner to recite rhymes

 34. Displays different rhymes

 35. Conduct readiness activities

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